Vitamins & Nutrition

There is overwhelming debate about whether taking vitamins and supplements actually provide any health benefits. Jump on any social media platform, and you’ll also see a stream of videos and posts about even more vital vitamins, sexy shakes, magic minerals.

And if you do decide to start taking a vitamin, the next hurdle is how many varieties, flavours and manufacturer there are on the market.

The truth is, now two of us are the same. Each person and their needs vary enormously based on height, weight, age, genetics, lifestyle choices and sometimes where we live.

Even the climate where we’re located can affect our absorption, not to mention our different sleep patterns, exercise routines, daily schedules, and diets.

So it’s no wonder results vary, and generic vitamin supplements have varied (and often disappointing) results.

So, where to start?

The first question to ask yourself is why? Why do you feel you need to start taking a vitamin? Is it because you’ve seen an ad on TV, or are you genuinely feeling tired, sick, run-down or any other number of concerns?

A trip to your GP or Naturopath for a complete blood screening will give you some valuable insight into deficiencies, if any, you may be suffering from. From here, your health practitioner can suggest the best vitamins for you.

What’s the difference?

Vitamins are broken down into three categories – Macronutrients, Vitamins and Minerals & Trace Elements (we’ve made a handy table for you below!).

Many of these work in tandem; however, it’s essential to be aware that some work against each other and can have adverse effects. So it’s always best to chat to a pharmacist or professional before adding another product to your diet.

Carbohydrate (for infants only) Biotin Calcium
Dietary fibre Choline Chromium
Energy Folate Copper
Fat Niacin Fluoride (revised 2017)
Protein Pantothenic acid Iodine
Water Riboflavin Iron
Thiamin Magnesium
Vitamin A Manganese
Vitamin B12 Molybdenum
Vitamin B6 Phosphorus
Vitamin C Potassium
Vitamin D Selenium
Vitamin E Sodium (revised 2017)
Vitamin K Zinc

Quality v’s Quantity

Vitamins can be expensive and often not absorbed, so working with a professional is essential; otherwise, it’s money down the drain, literally.

Custom Solutions

Compounding can help you get the nutrients you need in the correct dosage.

Combined with active ingredients in various combinations, custom vitamins maximise the effectiveness and absorption and minimise the likelihood of side effects.

Compounded supplements can also reduce the dosage frequency daily, with multiple solutions combined into one daily dose.

Available in capsule or powder