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Are you irresistible to mosquitos?         Here’s why

Scientists from The Rockefeller University in the United States embarked on a study to identify a common denominator between people who are ‘mozzie magnets’. They went in search of why a mossie will by-pass several ‘less attractive’ people just to get to the irresistible ‘magnet’.

Here’s what they found…

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New Test Can Tell If You’re High Risk for Severe Covid

A new test developed by a team of researchers from the University of Virginia in the US can reportedly identify if a person is likely to develop severe Covid-19.

The test works by analyzing a patient’s genes to identify a distinct immune cell signature, one that has marked differences to that of other non-Covid respiratory illnesses…

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Is Undermethylation triggering your OCD?

Sometimes referred to as Histadelia, Undermethylation is a condition that is starting to gain recognition in the medical community as a possible contributor to obsessive compulsive disorders, depression, anxiety and addictions.

The hallmark of undermethylation is low levels of calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and methionine as well as very high levels of folic acid. Common symptoms of the condition can include…

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Is Lack of Sleep Making You Sick?

A study lead by University College London (UCL) has shown that, if you are mid to late in life and getting less than five hours of sleep, you could be at increased risk of multiple chronic diseases, leading to an earlier death…

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