A Decade of Quality: Celebrating National Custom Compounding 10th Anniversary

This September marked a significant milestone for National Custom Compounding – our 10th anniversary. A decade of dedication, innovation, and commitment to quality compounding has provided us with this opportunity. To celebrate, we gathered for a team member dinner on top of the Q1 building in Surfers Paradise and end our week, with a family event at Dream World. It was a great opportunity as a team to reflect on our journey and the win’s and challenges along the way.

A Look Back at Our Journey From our humble beginnings in 2012, National Custom Compounding has evolved into a reconised name through Queensland and Australia, in the compounding pharmacy industry. Our commitment to customised prescription medicines and obsession on delivering high quality, patient care has always been our guiding light. Over the years, we’ve have a few rocky moments, but overall these moments have helped our team grow and develop.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to our dedicated team members, who are the backbone of our success. I have been fortunate to have shared the journey with a great group, including team members who have been here since the beginning.

Their expertise, passion, and hard work have been pivotal in reaching this milestone. We also express our deepest gratitude to our Patients, Pharmacy Partners, Medical Prescribers and Suppliers. Your collaborating, trust and support have been invaluable and a fundemental driver to our success.

Our Commitment to the Future, As we celebrate the past, I am also very excited about the future of NCC. The team and I remain committed to continuing to provide caring, innovative personally made medicines. There is a growing demand for Compounding Pharmacies in Australia, and I am confident that Health Professionals and Patients, will continue to see the benefits.

Our Mission is simple: NCC exists to help Patients get Personal, Customised Healthcare. One size does not fit or suit everyone.

Our Vision is clear: By caring for our patients and innovating, we will provide industry-leading compounded medications throughout Australia.

Our 10th anniversary was not just a celebration of what we’ve achieved but a reinforcement of our commitment to excellence. We’re excited for what the future holds and are grateful for the opportunity to serve our community. Here’s to many more years of success and innovation at National Custom Compounding!

Warm Regards, Matt